Do You Use These Molybdenum Applications In Your Industry?

molybdenum manufacturersSince molybdenum was recognized as an official element in the late 1700s, it’s been used in all kinds of materials. Although it may not have started out as an essential, from dyes to metal additives, molybdenum manufacturers know that it’s here to stay. You may even rely on this element in processes you perform on a daily basis. Whether or not you even realize it, here are just a few areas that have this metal to thank for their success.


No matter your industry, you’ll likely rely on electric lighting to do your job. Granted, electrical lighting has existed in some way since the early 1800s. But it took another century for General Electric to start using tungsten and molybdenum to their advantage. Because molybdenum has such a high melting point, it’s uniquely suited to be used in the modern lightbulb. Molybdenum wires are used to support tungsten filaments and make it possible for you to see clearly without creating an unstable situation.

Vacuum Furnaces

If you work in an industry that involves ceramic or metal manufacturing in some way, you’ll likely use vacuum furnaces to treat these materials and protect them from other components in the atmosphere. Again, molybdenum’s tolerance of heat plays a big role here. Vacuum furnaces made of molybdenum and tungsten can reach temperatures upwards of 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re often used in the medical, electronics, energy, and crystal growth industries to maintain the chemical profile of the materials being held inside. Essentially, without these vacuum furnace parts, you would likely be unable to create the materials your business needs to be successful.

Aircraft and Vehicles

The automotive and aerospace industries need materials from molybdenum manufacturers on a near-constant basis. On airplanes, molybdenum wires help defrost the windshield and ensure pilots can see clearly while up in the air. And in many cars, molybdenum is combined with steel to create strong alloys that are resistant to corrosion — a necessity to stand up to interior working conditions within the vehicle. And because molybdenum and alloys made from it are relatively lightweight, these cars often have better fuel efficiency. While pilots and drivers may never know this metal is there, it’s able to keep them safe and speedy.

Molybdenum acts as a silent yet essential support system for a great number of industries and processes. Want to find out more about how this material can help your business grow? Get in touch with Moltun today.

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