Indium Bonding & Backing Tube Manufacturing

Molybdenum and Tungsten International (Moltun) is pleased to announce full Indium bonding and backing tube manufacturing. Due to the current and forecast growth of tube manufacturing, Moltun has elected to purchase and implement full in-house bonding and backing tube manufacturing and equipment.

Moltun recognized the challenge customers faced when trying to purchase complete Molybdenum tubes with backing tubes, bonded, ready to ship. The process has historically used several supply sources, often in three stages, eventually combined to a single piece shipped to an end user. The process often resulted in delays for shipping, difficulties when determining potential quality defects and a complex supply chain. Now, all steps are controlled by a single source at our manufacturing center all at a significantly reduced cost.

Please visit our page contact us for additional information, technical details, or a pricing quote.


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