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Moltun’s Ultra-Pure Display Target Manufacturing…surpassed by no one.

Moltun Manufacturers some of the largest and most critical display targets in the world. From small specialty or boutique manufacturers to targets 3.5 meters (11+ feet) in length. We are the go to source for consistent high density targets, ultra-high purity targets at the most cost effective manufacturing globally. We test all incoming feedstock product in-house with our state of the art R&D center, followed by numerous density, grain structure and bonding processes for OLED, ITO and numerous display applications.

Why Choose Us

      • State of the Art Manufacturing equals World Class Quality at the Lowest Total Cost
      • A Long-term view to our customers
      • Responsive and Reactive to your needs
      • Product Knowledge- we are happy to help design, build, or improve your current product
      • We care. You aren’t just a number to us and your business matters