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Tungsten Crucible

Sintered, Forged, Spun all available


Molybdenum Crucible

Custom design and fabrication built by CNC machinery


Molybdenum Boat

Low cost Molybdenum evaporation boat. Available welded, seemed, riveted and various options.

From multi-million dollar custom design packages, to single line items with a quantity of hundreds of thousands, Moltun is your source for all your Molybdenum, Tungsten and related alloy needs. Need us to work with your customer? No problem. We work with distribution, as well as their customers to ensure the highest total value for all parties.
The majority of Moltun’s customers are multi-billion dollar operations and/or Fortune 500 companies. We have a long history of working across multiple customers locations in numerous countries. Our Global approach is to support from the smallest to largest of operations.
We work as a single united team around the world and give our customers the highest quality products possible.

Why Choose Us

  • State of the Art Manufacturing
  • Efficient manufacturing creates low cost production passed on to our customers
  • Advanced laboratory and testing to ensure all parts exceed expectations
  • World Class customer service and after market support.

Moltun carries evaporation boats and Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles in several materials including Tungsten and Molybdenum. Our custom designed and fabricated evaporation boats are a low cost option for safe vacuum evaporation. With our high quality boats and crucibles you’ll find the boats themselves have a low vapor point to minimize tungsten and molybdenum particles from entering the vapor you’re evaporating.

By using both tungsten and molybdenum, we’re able to craft a strong and steady product that is able to get the job accomplished quickly. Molybdenum’s high melting point allows our boats and carriers to withstand extremely hot environments, such as vacuum furnaces. With an evaporation boat or carrier, you’ll be able to easily heat material for evaporation.

Here at Moltun, we offer both standard and custom products. For custom options, we create the evaporation boat or carrier you require and complete the order quickly in order to make sure your processes don’t get disrupted. We’re confident that our quality products and service will exceed your every expectation.

Contact us to learn which boat and material is best for your application.