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Semi-Conductor & High-Technology Customers.

Your R&D working hand in hand with our Our Technology

With state of the art Laboratory, Research and Technology Center and a highly experienced staff, your development becomes our business. Let us help you with our semiconductor tooling services and professional semiconductor equipment.

High Tech does not have to mean High Cost!!

Moltun is the key Partner allowing your Technology Leaders the flexibility to quickly and easily modify designs and share ideas without the risk of creating high cost and unfair margins. We view our customers as Partners. As such, we employ a standard low cost approach to all product markets  with the most amazing customer support around!

  • The Most Trusted Development Partner
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Support Team
  • Knowledgeable Technical Staff

Our Testing Equipment

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Friend CMM 3-Axis Measurement JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope Metallurgical Microscope Rougness Testing Tesa Hite Gauge Universal Testing Machine Video Imager Measurement

Special blended and bonded alloys. Capabilities to make some of the longest electrodes in the world.
High Tech proprietary coatings on-site.
A state of the art R&D, Laboratory and Testing
Advanced Laboratory
Ultra-High purity targets for Semi-conductor applications.
Sputtering Targets