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Solar Sputtering Monolithic Targets

With some of the Lowest cost+ Highest yield  sputtering targets, Moltun is the most complete and trusted Solar target manufacturer in the world. Solar sputtering monolithic targets can provide the results you’re looking for while lowering your production costs. We’re proud to bring you the largest solar sputtering targets in the industry.  Increase your efficiency and save money with help from Moltun today.

With molybdenum sputtering targets, you’ll be able to increase your sputtering operations.  Using solar sputtering targets can greatly lower CIGS production costs. In the sputtering process, metal particles are vaporized from the targets and then added on the glass substrate as a thin film coating.  Here at Moltun, we create both standard and custom targets. Custom targets are manufactured upon request per your specific requirements.

Target Examples

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Monolithic Targets

Moltun manufactures thousands of Solar targets annually. Anything from small, medium purity to ultra-high purity large diameter and length.

At Moltun International, we take a long-term global view to our customers. We are not only interested in your business today, but 5, 10, 15 years from now. Our approach drives our customer success, which in term leads our growth.
Our Facility is a State of the Art production and testing laboratory dedicated to high quality product. Visit the production section to learn more about our operation and manufacturing processes
Our Sales force includes experienced solar experts. Need help designing or determining custom products or materials? Visit our “Contact” page for direct sales and technical support.
WOW – I don’t really know what else to say. Moltun worked with us to consign product at our facility. This allowed us significantly reduced pricing and freed cash for our R&D group.
U.S.A. CIGS Solar Customer
Our company is working on next generation solar products. Our current design is constantly changing. Moltun has been able to work with us on frequent design modifications and fast turn around times, allowing our R&D group to quickly advance our development
Solar Development Company

High Purity, High Density

Moltun's Targets are not only High Purity High Density, we have full grain structure control

Targets Manufactured Specific to your operation

No matter the size of your target or device, Moltun manufacturers to your needs.

Grain Structure Matters

Are standard Targets meeting the full life cycle possible?

We control the end results

Working with our customers, we develop and control the finished structure of the electrodes, yielding longer life product and net savings to your company.

We make the largest targets in the industry

Sometimes bigger is better.

State of the Art Products

Yields Low Cost, High Purity, High Density Products